Benefits associated with MEC Basic, MEC, MEC Plus and MEC Plus Advantage plans.  All plans provide a 4-YEAR RATE CAP.

Each of the plans exceed the Minimum Essential Coverage requirements employers are required to meet, in order to avoid Penalty A under PPACA (“Obamacare”)

 When an employer chooses Apex MEC Plus Advantage plan, employees receive:
    •     TELADOC 24/7 (Multilingual)
    •     6-Tier Pharmacy Benefits (Welldyne Rx)
    •     Primary Care Visits (3 per plan year)
    •     Specialists Visits (3 per plan year)
    •     Urgent Care Visits (3 per plan year)
    •     MRI and CT Scan Benefits (max 1 CT or MRI per plan year)
    •     X-Ray and Lab Benefits (5 per plan year)
    •    Guaranteed issue product
    •    Minimum group size of 4 employees
    •    No participation requirements
    •    Employer can contribute 0% - 100% of premium
    •    COBRA services are included in the premium
    •    1094 forms are filled out at no additional charge
    •    If member exceeds 3 primary care, 3 specialists and/or 3 urgent care visits,
          member will receive PHCS network discount
    •    All Apex MEC's are section 125 - self funded plans
    •    ITIN & H-2A qualifies for benefit membership 


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